Reverse Strategy
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Blanche gotta go I’ll continue tomorrow BYE!

Long Shot && Pheles + Lippi


Lippi sighed as she stared blankly at the ragged dummy that lay in the middle of the arena. Well… This is enough for today. She thought, shaking her head as she began to gather the weapons that were scattered around her. For today’s training, she figured trying out some other weapons, including knives, spears, and whips. She wasn’t as great as the Ares kids with these weapons, but she was pretty okay with the knives. 

After placing the weapons back to their storage, the blonde scrunched her eyebrows upon remembering that Pheles would be waiting for her at the showers. She grabbed her clothes quickly, and set off to the showers. Lippi raised her eyebrows at the brunette waiting outside for her, pulling off a null expression on her face. “Good evening, Pheles.”

"Evening, Rae." The daughter of Nike smirked as she caught sight of her fellow counselor walking up to her. "You look…" Her eyes examined her friend’s skin from the light that emanated from the lamps—well, the blonde was sweaty and seemed to be even paler than usual. "…wasted. Are you sure you weren’t out drinking instead of training?" Pheles chuckled, before crossing her arms and turning around to enter the showers.

"Anyway, I think it’s best if we make this fast, I want to get my ice cream before curfew." She stated, waving her hand back and forth, urging her friend to move quickly. 

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Where are all the boys around here?

Girls aren’t really much fun. 

Long Shot && Pheles + Lippi

It’s almost curfew time, but Pheles was persistent upon getting her favorite treat for today. She wasn’t at camp the whole week, and was out doing some recruitment, searching for demigods across the state. Of course, she didn’t come back as a failure, and brought a daughter of Apollo with her. Anyway, the brunette thought the girl she scouted was a spoiled brat so she wasn’t really pleased upon returning to camp, and that placed her in a mood limbo. 

Now she was walking towards the showers, change of clothes in hand and her towel over her shoulder. Hopefully, she’d be able to vent out to Hermes’ Cabin Counselor. 


Most people don’t know me for my parent or cabin, but yeah. (More known here as the girl who always cleans the kitchen, but oh well. Gods damn it.)

And you’re… Nike.

I do wonder why I don’t. Hm.

Yeah, I’m from Nike. 

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…No. Maybe I’ll take a shower instead. Your ice cream can wait.

I’ll join you, then! I’ll see you there! Hah!


Audrey Winters. Camper for a few years now. I may have seen you around camp a few times…

Oh, sorry, I’m a little distracted. I know who you are, Nemesis, right?

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audreywinters liked your post: Hi, campers. I’m Pheles, your friendly cabin…

You are?


No. If you don’t have anything important to say, then I guess I’d like to continue training on my own.

Ah, would you mind if I watched, then? I want Pistachio Ice Cream. 

Hi, campers. I’m Pheles, your friendly cabin counselor. Unlike that other bitch, heh