Reverse Strategy
the embodiment of victory
Long Shot && Pheles + Lippi


Lippi sighed as she stared blankly at the ragged dummy that lay in the middle of the arena. Well… This is enough for today. She thought, shaking her head as she began to gather the weapons that were scattered around her. For today’s training, she figured trying out some other weapons, including knives, spears, and whips. She wasn’t as great as the Ares kids with these weapons, but she was pretty okay with the knives. 

After placing the weapons back to their storage, the blonde scrunched her eyebrows upon remembering that Pheles would be waiting for her at the showers. She grabbed her clothes quickly, and set off to the showers. Lippi raised her eyebrows at the brunette waiting outside for her, pulling off a null expression on her face. “Good evening, Pheles.”

"Evening, Rae." The daughter of Nike smirked as she caught sight of her fellow counselor walking up to her. "You look…" Her eyes examined her friend’s skin from the light that emanated from the lamps—well, the blonde was sweaty and seemed to be even paler than usual. "…wasted. Are you sure you weren’t out drinking instead of training?" Pheles chuckled, before crossing her arms and turning around to enter the showers.

"Anyway, I think it’s best if we make this fast, I want to get my ice cream before curfew." She stated, waving her hand back and forth, urging her friend to move quickly. 

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Long Shot && Pheles + Lippi

It’s almost curfew time, but Pheles was persistent upon getting her favorite treat for today. She wasn’t at camp the whole week, and was out doing some recruitment, searching for demigods across the state. Of course, she didn’t come back as a failure, and brought a daughter of Apollo with her. Anyway, the brunette thought the girl she scouted was a spoiled brat so she wasn’t really pleased upon returning to camp, and that placed her in a mood limbo. 

Now she was walking towards the showers, change of clothes in hand and her towel over her shoulder. Hopefully, she’d be able to vent out to Hermes’ Cabin Counselor. 



The day was slow, so Kite decided to spend some time in the lake. The lake was empty, and quite. He grabbed some paddles and headed to one of the canoes. It’s so quiet, he thought. Maybe I could sleep in the middle of the lake and be back in time for other camp activities. Placing the paddles in the canoes, he then proceed to double check everything. Once he was sure that he had everything, he went inside the canoe and started to push it off the shore.

Pheles was wandering through out camp, trying to find something interesting to do. She was finished taking her sister to the play ground of some sort, so now she has a lot of time on her hands. The brunette passed by the lake, where there was nothing else in sight but a lone canoe and a boy. She shrugged and approached the said canoe and called the dude. “Hey! Wait, can I join you? This place is so boring,” She grinned. 



Blanche and Pheles were casually walking around camp, the former listening to the latter criticize a passing group of Aphrodite girls. The blonde had her hands tucked inside her pockets, and occasionally rolling her eyes at the brunette. “Really, Victoire, if there was something else we could do at the moment, I’d be glad to do that instead of listening to your snarky comments.” 

"Admit it, love, you enjoy it as much as I do." Pheles replied nonchalantly, blowing a kiss to a rather attractive male from the arena’s far side. She frowned at her best friend, eyeing the bored expression on her face. "Fine, I’ll stop. I’ve got nothing else on my mind, though." She added as they continued to walk the path towards the amphitheater. 

Campfire Burning

Pheles sat on a stray log as she watched the Apollo cabin sing to different mash-ups of pop songs. She enjoyed it, really. It was one of the things she liked listening to, and not just to old, hippie music. She watched as the fire kept burning in the middle, dancing as if it were alive. A sigh escaped her mouth as she recalled her previous memory with Will the other day, and decided to shrug it off. “Damn the gods for making me do that.” She muttered, shaking her head. 

That Thing in the Lake


Poppy didn’t like being left to her own devices for long periods of time. She eventually got bored and would start doing things that weren’t approved by the general public such as squishing pill bugs to see what was inside its body. It was just yellow liquid - as bright yellow as an egg yolk - but it kept her occupied and content.

She was about to meet Pheles by the lake, so she put on a light shirt and a pair of shorts. Her body buzzed with excitement because this was the first fun thing she’s done in days and the thought of possible danger was absolutely thrilling. She jogged to the lake and sat by the shore, dipping her feet in the cold water, as she waited for the daughter of Nike to appear.

Pheles was pretty much drained from today’s activities, and since Poppy asked her to accomany her to go and search for that big monster in the lake, she figured something relaxing could happen, and not just an adventure. She went back to her cabin and put on a customized Camp shirt that fit her perfectly and a pair of leggings and some slippers. 

She got to the side of the lake and found the smaller girl there, her feet dipped in the water. The brunette went behind her and tapped her shoulder. “Hello, Poppy. I see you’re excited for this.” 

Sex is annoying.

As usual, there was nothing to do the whole day. Well, that was for Nike’s Cabin Counselor, Pheles Pompeii. She’s already done with Counselor duties and her errands, so she pretty much had the whole day to herself. None of her siblings were around, since they were out to go kayaking. 

She decided to go and practice her crossbow, since she hasn’t used it in a while. Pheles headed towards the abandoned Archery range at the edge of camp, where no one would dare go to, since the campers fear that they might get eaten. To her surprise as she got there, she found Will Solace practicing on one of the targets.

Oh, oh, look, it’s my neighbor.

Aleksandra, right?

Late night steam.

Pheles snuck out of her cabin while all of her younger siblings were fast asleep. They’ve been watching marathons of WEEDS and TVD all night long that it wasn’t even fun anymore. She headed out towards the Aphrodite cabin, since, she’s already asked a certain someone for company that night. Luckily, she saw Aiden outside their cabin. A smile grew on her face as she approached him quietly. “Hey, Scott. I see you’re still not sleepy?” She greeted. 

A little background story.


Blanche flew over to the beach, her winged sandals aiding her in doing so. They were a copy of what her Father would normally wear, but it was made for girls. Anyway, she sat on the top of the reef that almost seemed like a cliff. It over-looked the sea in the front, and the camp from behind. Campers frolicking in the waters, others jogging in the sand. 

The blonde heard a soft thud from beside her, and saw that a brunette that was holding two ice creams, had invaded her space. A sigh escaped her mouth and turned to the girl. “What a nice way to greet me, whore.” 

"Well, that’s an even better greeting, bitch." Pheles shook her head and handed her the other ice cream. These were one of their quiet moments, usually it only involved the two of them sitting in silence as they watched the world move. They call it a waste of time, sometimes, but sometimes they think it’s worth it—to be out of action for a moment. 

"So, I got you this as promised," The girl dug into her pocket and brought out a small vial of perfume. "Perfume that was extracted from Aphrodite’s flowers in France. Took me a while to get them right." She explained, handing it to the blonde. "How was Hong Kong?"